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Running as meditation; how yoga changed how (and why) I run...

I started writing this particular blog in my head while driving back from Rocklyn Ashram in rural-ish Victoria nearly a month ago ... there was much I wanted to say about my stay there, the changes I predicted would manifest in my life on my return home, ... and some words about how I was driving on the same roads I had run from Adelaide to Melbourne exactly (and accidentally) three years previously.

But I returned home - and life / or rather death / happened and the idea of writing it all out became tedious, and seemed self interested and vacuous - I did manage a quick 'Instagram Update' ... briefly before priorities shifted.

I have returned from a few days at an #ashram & feel reacquainted with my inner self; reconnected with my #why / #sankulpa
… I spent my time enjoying the many aspects of ashram life - food / yoga / chanting / meditating AND hours and hours wandering the bush on my own !
… ready to commit further to the preparations for this great big run with more clarity around the intersectional aspects of Pup & Girl
- #homelessness (#socialjustice / #thereasonwhy I’m running so far)
These four are the sum of me in this space xx

And since then I have been quiet, and have enjoyed this quietness.

When I was very small, I wanted to be a nun, without reflecting on why... If someone had ever thought to ask, I am not sure I could have articulated the reasoning. I was deeply religious (even wrapping my poor cat in rags, pretending he was the baby Jesus) but as I grew up I lost faith in the church and their God.

Sometime in my late teens / early twenties I found Yoga - it has been a constant companion, gradually increasing in focus, impact and embodiment... and in the best way, I think it has curated the aspects of being a nun that I so wanted as a child, and brought them to fruition in my adult life.

Running came into my life by accident - it took a long while to find my identity as a runner; as an introvert, a non-competitive one at that, events are not quite my cup of tea....but running for hours along the still dark streets of my neighborhood in the wee hours before work or through wild fields / forests / the bush / along trails brings me a deep feeling of peace - it continues to be my most regular form of meditation, but not my only one.


The culmination of running, yoga - my Sankalpa (which I consider private, so without giving too much away is around graceful, loving service) - and the number of rough sleepers I found while out on my early morning runs, is this

- it is Pup & Girl

- it is running across the country

- it is training at all hours

- writing out my soul on to paper (websites)

- it is shouting into the wind

- it is advocating at all times for people experiencing homelessness

- it is fundraising

- it is living a life of service and in line with the Yamas (moral discipline) & Niyamas (observances)

- and it is definitely not enough.

It may not serve the purpose of this next great big run - but I feel I have written as much as I can, and in truth I am a little sick of the sound of my own voice.

There is one more write up to do here - a re-introduction to Pup(s) & Girl , and the organisations we support; which will bring this blog to a round 30

...from then I will share what was previously written ... over intervals - the messaging is the same ...and I can centre in on collating the logistics, support, and keep my head down / focus on training and incidental acts of kindness wherever possible.

Much love to you all and your continued support of Pup & Girl - you're worth your weight in GOLD xx

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