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Long distance running to #endhomelessness

HOLD THE PHONE ...we are NOT quite done / there is one more LONG long LONG run to do. 2026 will be the year of the 1250 kilometre loop !!!

There are over 122,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in Australia - and many 1000's more at risk everyday.

With a passion to spark dialogue around homelessness, create ripples of change, and to encourage kindness and compassion at every opportunity Lee-Anne, with occasional support from her two border collies, takes on epic runs

2019 - Adelaide to Melbourne / 10 days

2023 - Perth to Adelaide /  44 days

2026 - TASMANIA, watch this space.....

to Pup & Girl

The Team.

Woman with dark hair looking up while resting her head in her hand
Black, white and brown dog wearing a pink ribbon on it's neck
Black and white dog wearing an orange ribbon on its neck
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