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Hello again, it's been quite a while...

Updated: Mar 14

A (very, very) brief summary of the run to Melbourne...

Okie, I did it. I ran from Adelaide to Melbourne in ten days. It was an adventure, it was hard but not too hard, it was a privilege. We raised just over $20,000 - made memories - listened to an overwhelming number of stories that people shared about their own experiences of homelessness.

'Twas grand !!

So, what is next...?

I am really glad you asked!

A short while after the return from Melbourne I felt that I wanted to do MORE - that I had not challenged myself enough, that I had not raised enough awareness around homelessness in Australia, that I had not finished thinking / being in this space.

It took a little while for a plan to land - and to be fair, it still remains only partially formed - BUT in May 2023 I will run from Perth to Adelaide...nearly 2600 kilometres over six weeks (around 60 kilometres a day for 42 days)...across a part of Australia that I am completely and utterly unfamiliar with !

Here is what I know so far:

- There will be a support crew for at least some of the journey

- The pups (there are two hounds now!) will need a special push chair for when they are tired and have finished running for the day

- Funds raised will go to Catherine House, Hutt Street Centre, Fred's Van - and a new inclusion of Orange Sky (though I am yet to tell them)

Here is what remains ambiguous:

- I may do a write up in a slightly more bookish format before / during / after the fact

- Hydration, 6 weeks worth is a lot of sparkling water !

- How to avoid aliens on the Nullarbor, no really;

What is happening now..?

So, ...I am nearly halfway through a pre-training period which will be followed by two full years of training - followed by a month of tapering - followed by a week off - followed by a drive to Perth; then a big, long run home.

Pre-training doesn't involve much, just training the body to adjust to new patterns of behaviour before increasing the effort- and some fasting; one 40 hour fast a week.

After a recent announcement that I have now entered the pre-training phase of this next adventure, a friend asked 'why set such a big challenge?', and my reply was flippant; 'if it isn't hard, then it isn't a challenge'

But the real answer from me is actually 'why not?'

Why should we set a low benchmark for ourselves?

Why shouldn't we see just how far we can go; find out if we can go the distance (literally)?

There will be personal sacrifices - chocolates and free, unaccounted for time, for example. There will be some pain and discomfort (training) AND some pain and discomfort and possible injury (the actual run).

And perhaps the hardest part for me - giving up the mental space I require as a shy introvert to re-calibrate; often, and handing over control of my time away from people, handing over my image to media and getting the hang of self-promotion....

BUT so, so worth it....even science says so.

There is much to this next great big run; and I almost certainly have too much to say about it - so, I will pace myself...really glad to be talking with y'all again xx

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