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How do I train for this long, long, long run?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The two questions that I am asked most are - why are you doing this, and how will you train for it? It is easier to answer the first question - I know exactly what drives me to do this. The second question is a little trickier, there is an overview and general plan - but it changes as needed.

Here is what my next week of training looks like, why and how I stay motivated.

A week of training:

Week 17-23 September 2018

One of the benefits of training schedule is that it is a constant; no matter what else is happening in my week, my personal life, my workplace there are designated times that I can focus on training alone. This week I have some sort of training every day, and twice most days...not including incidentals like walking the dog, or riding/walking to work, or going to the trampoline park for a few hours with my son, or surfing on the weekend if I can get the chance.

Some people will look at this schedule and think it quite heavy, others will recognise that this particular week is light on for running...its all relative. Each week is a little different - some weeks have more running and as the weeks build toward the big event the distances run will increase steadily even if the number of runs per week does not - an injury prevention strategy.

Each different type of training brings different benefits:

  • Swimming - low impact cardio, and increases my tolerance for boredom! Read more here.

  • Yoga - my saviour - develops balance, strength, flexibility, and breathing. It helps me maintain a sense of purpose and focus. Read more here.

  • Gym - unless it is a PT session, the gym always starts with 20 minutes on the stationary bike (so that I can read my book in peace), then a mix of skipping, weights, resistance work, core strength exercises, kettle bells, stretches, rowing machine and the stair machine. Every now and again I tackle the treadmill for sprints but it feels very strange to be running on the spot. Read more here.

  • REST - hopefully self explanatory, but rest is when recovery takes place.

Overall there are multiple goals to achieve while training; but ultimately I will need to be able to comfortably (relative!!) run between 70-90 kilometers per day for 10 days straight - no easy feat.

Staying motivated:

Despite being wholly dedicated to challenging the ongoing causes of homelessness, and the stigma attached to those experiencing it - and being in awe of the three organisations we are supporting:

I sometimes feel a little drained while setting out for training, not usually once I have started. I fit training in around full time work, single parenthood, and vague attempts at a social, I have developed some tricks to keep myself focused and motivated.

Some are altruistic - reminding myself that no matter how hard training will be today it will be a walk in the park compared to the experiences of those currently un-housed.

Some are more personal - 'Prove them wrong' is one that gets me motivated every-time. An internal phrase directed at anyone and everyone who ever told me I couldn't do something - the list is long!

That said, extra external motivation goes a long way too.. here are my two most used videos right now.

The first one is NOT in support of the brand but the message is en point for me at this moment.

The second one is a reminder that there are wonderful people out there who actively devote their time and resource to a better world.

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